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Testimonials Supporting Scott Ahlf for Judge

From Your Neighbors in Thurston County

Born and raised right here in Thurston County, Scott Ahlf understands the importance of community safety. On the Superior Court, Scott will continue his dedication to keeping our families and neighborhoods safe, just as he has done as a Municipal Court Judge for 15 years.

As a former Department of Corrections Superintendent, I know how important it is to have Judges who make community safety their top priority. For the past 15 years as a Municipal Court Judge, I’ve seen Judge Ahlf’s hard work and dedication to keep us safe in our homes and neighborhoods firsthand. Judge Ahlf’s experience and values will serve Thurston County well, I hope you’ll join me by voting Judge Ahlf to the Superior court.

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The Nelsons are longtime members of the Thurston County community. Mary, a retired high school math teacher, and husband David, a retired Lutheran Pastor, have known Judge Ahlf for nearly 25 years. “Scott has always made service to community a top priority. As our next Superior Court Judge, we can count on Scott to continue his strong commitment to improve the quality of life we enjoy here in Thurston County.”

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Here’s what Kevin Ramsey from Olympia has to say about Municipal Court Judge Scott Ahlf for the Superior Court! "Judge Ahlf believes that all people need access to justice." Thank you, Kevin, for your support!

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As a Municipal Court Judge for the past 15 years, Scott Ahlf has earned an outstanding reputation for his efforts to protect the women and children affected by the horror of domestic violence. On the Superior Court, Judge Ahlf will continue his commitment to victims while holding serious offenders accountable for their actions.

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